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Newest Obsession: Nick Reboot


Here’s a little bit of old school for ya, and it goes a little something like this..


When TeenNick started their 90′s Are All That segment last year, I was ecstatic. I saw the previews and was so excited for All That, Doug, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and so many more. When it did finally come on, I was let down with how late it was and it appeared they played the same shows (different episodes of course) all the time. I wanted the variety.


Last night, I was introduced to Nick Reboot by a friend of ours. It streams 90′s and early 2000′s shows nonstop, in no particular order. All of my childhood shows are there and so many more. In between every episode are old commercials. Yes, 90′s/2000′s commercials. I’ve already seen the Got Milk? ad with Mario and Super Mario 64, a Playstation commercial,  and so many toy commercials that I remember watching and begging my mom to buy them. I’m happy to watch commercials now. Did you know Wendy’s had pizza in the 90′s?!

OMFG. Fifteen (I’ve only heard of it) is on right now and OMG little, adorable Ryan Reynolds! *squeal*

Nick Reboot streams shows in no particular order. If you are okay with that, have at it. But even if you aren’t they have insanely affordable plans for On Demand like $35.99 for 1 year. That’s $3 a month! (I’ve already talked Andrew into it and we’re buying a Roku so that we can stream it on our TV).

I’m so excited. I’ve been watching it since I got up this morning. Check it out. What is your favorite childhood show from the list?

Note: I have not been compensated in any way for this post. All information and opinions are 100% mine. I just wanted to share the AWESOMESAUCE that is Nick Reboot.

Sexism is Still Prevalent in Gaming


One of the leading companies in entertainment devices and software for gamers, and my personal favorite, alienated a portion of their fanbase today. The person(s) who maintain Razer’s Facebook account, posted a sexist image implying that all gamers are male.

The picture shows what appears to be a shelf in a closet. On one side there are numerous Razer device boxes and on the other, Louis Vutton purses and bags. The caption reads: His and hers :)

Many people are insulted, rightfully so. I think, honestly, the best thing to come out of it, is to see some men stand up for their fellow gamers.

Despite the flood of offended commentors, Razer took at least 8 hours to remove the image from their Facebook timeline. At the time of this post, no apology has been issued on their Facebook, Twitter, or website.

To post this image, only perpetuates the gender roles set by society. This only shows that Razer seeks to impress their male fan base rather than all of their consumers or couldn’t care less about their female fans. Whoever is in charge of the Facebook account, hoped to grab a few chuckles and instead offended much of their audience.

As a big fan of Razer and their products, I’m appalled. Female gamers have enough to deal with from some sexist male gamers in online matches or in person. We are still looked down on by a lot of our peers. Instead of accepting us as we are, we are, somehow, expected to prove ourselves or bow down to the males. This sort of post is certainly  not something I’d expect from a company like Razer. A company that supposedly supports and sponsors females sure has a funny way of showing it.

I had plans to buy a Razer Deathstalker Ultimate for my birthday. Unless Razer does some serious damage control and apologizes for their gross negligence, I will not be purchasing another Razer product. I’m certainly not the only one that feels that way.

What did you think of Razers post? 

EDIT: Razer has issued a statement on the Reddit post. http://rzr.to/EhKTx

This is less of an apology and more of an excuse as to why it was posted. Some people are still upset over the issue.