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Gears and Drinks


It’s been a while since we’ve dusted off the Xbox. Tonight, while having a few drinks, we are breaking out the controllers and playing Gears of War Judgement. He’s had the disc from Gamefly for about 2 months and I borrowed our neighbor’s copy shortly after. Finally, we are getting a chance to play it.

Or are we? We sold the Xbox that was set up on my desk to my old design teacher and now Andrew is trying to get another one set up on his monitors. Geez, if I knew it would be this hard I wouldn’t have suggested it.

Hopefully, we are about ready to go now. I haven’t played Gears in over a year and the controls are slightly different than Call of Duty. I miss it despite not being able to get into the multiplayer.

I’m excited. We don’t play together often. I love that we can take the time to do this once in a while.