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DIY: Mario Star Lamp or Tree Topper


For years, I’ve wanted to have my own Christmas tree to decorate my way. This year, it finally happened. For our first christmas together, I was more than stoked to get our tree up. When I started to spill my ideas to Andrew, he was excited too. It was something I didn’t think he really cared about. He was more than happy to get some supplies and even came up with some of his own ideas.

One thing that was decided long ago was that I wanted a mario star for my tree topper. They aren’t easy to find so I figured I would just make one. At first I planned to go at it different ways. I had originally planned to just make a plush star and tie it to the tree. Then I found a cute star that I thought would suffice after I covered it with felt or silk. When we found out that that star was out of stock, we started to get creative. We found a generic star outline tree topper that we would cover and fill with stuffing and lights. However, we never just buy one thing at a store and ended up wandering our local Target. We took a turn into the furniture aisle and I saw something that was exactly what we needed. We bought it and got to work.


What You Need:

  • Yellow Felt – I had 2 yds, which was waaaay more than needed.
  • Small Square of Black Felt
  • Smaller Square of White Felt (not pictured)
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Package of extra Glue – However, I may have used way more than required.
  • Xhilaration® Star Marquee Light - $14.99 (product no longer listed on Target’s website. Check your local stores or order from here (at your own risk))


Optional Supplies

  • Dremel
  • Velcro

Obviously, you don’t need to get the same lamp. You can do this with the same supplies with any star shaped tree topper. I chose the lamp because it would provide an even glow to our star.

Now, I don’t have pictures of all the steps. However, this is more than simple to follow. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will be more than happy to answer.

Step 1

We placed the star lamp upside down, light side down, on a table over our laid out felt. We took the sharpie and traced the star.

Step 2

Before cutting out your traced star, strategically draw tabs onto your trace. The tabs are needed to help glue it together. This step is just going to cover the side with the lights. Also, make sure you cut lines out of the corners to allow for better folding.

Step 3

Cut out your felt star pattern. Be sure to follow the lines and be sure to cut as close to them as possible without actually cutting on the line. This gives the right amount of slack.

Step 4

Once your pattern is cut out, place it atop the lamp covering the open part of your lamp with the lights. Be sure it fits so that you can not see any white. Ours was a very close cut but it did fit, perfectly. Essentially, I had to be careful with glueing so that I didn’t pull it too taut.

Start at the top of the lamp and place a dot of glue under a tab and carefully, press the tab onto the glue.

Step 6

Continue glueing the tabs down around the star. Hot Glue can dry pretty quickly so be sure to work quickly but DO NOT try to glue a each tab faster than every 30 seconds. Give it enough time to start to dry before moving to the next tab. This is important because if it is cut correctly, you will need to pull the felt tight to be sure to cover the entire open side. Of course, pulling it too soon can pull tabs you’ve already glued off.

Step 7

Once your tabs are all glued down, be sure to go back over and glue any extra tabs or extra pieces down.

Step 8

Now, place the lamp onto the felt at an edge. We’re going to cover the side. Figure out how thick this piece needs to be and cut until you’re sure it will go all around the star.

Step 9

Place the end of the strip at an inner edge of the star, I started at the bottom by the wire. I cut out a slit to make sure the wire wasn’t covered and stuck out from under the felt.

Step 10

Slowly glue each side of the points at a time. Make sure it is tight and covers the tabs from the earlier steps.

Here is the finished product.

Have A Nerdy Christmas!


Thanksgiving is this week and I plan to decorate for Christmas the weekend after. I don’t like decorating too soon anyway. This is my first Christmas on my own and I’ve always said how I was going to decorate differently than my mom did. My mom always used colored lights, used ornaments to hide holes in the tree, preferred an angel on top. I’ve always wanted white lights and a mario star for my tree.

I made a Pinterest board (Pinterest rarely comes in handy) for my Holiday Ideas. Pinterest doesn’t offer much in terms of Nerd Decorations and while I have a bit on there, I got even more creative with my ideas. I can’t wait to do them so that I can take pictures of them. I have embedded my Pinterest board in this post. If you’d like to follow it to see all the ideas I have and stay tuned for the ones I will make, you are more than welcome to do so.

Follow RandiLynn Judge Holidays on Pinterest

If you have any other cute ideas, share them with me!! If I like your idea, I’ll credit you in my next decor post on awesome nerdy Holiday decor.

I’m not a huge Christmas Decorations fan. I think my mom ruined that with the constant, crappy Christmas music, and her little freakouts because no one ever thought to wrap up the Christmas lights correctly, resulting in knots and tangles, not to mention the annual horror of having to go through every strand to find and replace broken and burnt out bulbs. I always hated decorated, until last year. The year before, my brother and I took down the tree and wrapped everything up so that we didn’t have to deal with it next year. You can imagine the relief when we brought up the boxes last year and saw that everything was wrapped and stacked neatly for us and decorating the tree only took about 2 hours rather than the standard all night event.

I’m so excited for this year. I get to do it all my way. And just to be a heathen, I’ll play Rock music.