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I’m Going to Shank A Bunny


I’m about to go ham on these furry little critters in my Animal Crossing town. They keep moving into spots ┬áthat aren’t supposed to be spots.

This is what that area is supposed to look like. Eight flowers are arranged in groups around fruit trees at the North East side of my town.

I also had this set up all the way from my bridge to that area until one fuckwad moved in.

Now I have two morons who decided to uproot my flowers and paths to put their houses there.


Don’t let that smile on my face fool you. I’m thinking about how brutally I’m going to murder them.



I’m going to burn their houses down while they’re inside. Then, I’m going to use pieces of their bloody carcasses to fertilize my flowers and trees. Then they’ll see. They’ll all see.. (DLC Anyone?)