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We’re Ready! Are you?

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Despite the fact that nearly everything has been about Pokemon lately, it won’t always be. It’s just a big game for me and I’m very excited about it.

Our whole week is free for just Pokemon. Andrew took off all of next week to play it and this week seems to be dragging along while we wait. We called all of our local GameStops to find out about midnight launches and not one is doing it. Sucks. :\ We could pick up from Walmart or something but it’s not that big of a deal. Plan is to go to bed early Friday so that we can be at GameStop for opening. We also want to stock up on munchies and alcohol for this week-long lock in.

Our anniversary is on Tuesday and while I’m excited to have unlocked the 6 Year achievement, he doesn’t really care. Can’t really blame him. He’s been excited all year for this game. He did tell me that we could go out to dinner, though. :D

We have a total of 6 preorders (3 X, 3 Y) so we aren’t worried about that. Our 3DSs are decorated and ready and so are we. We have Pokemon shirts, too. We just need Saturday to roll around.

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 The Pokemon X/Y giveaway is doing great and is love to see it continue going strong before it ends. If you haven’t entered yet, do so now or at least share it for the other

I’m Going to Shank A Bunny


I’m about to go ham on these furry little critters in my Animal Crossing town. They keep moving into spots  that aren’t supposed to be spots.

This is what that area is supposed to look like. Eight flowers are arranged in groups around fruit trees at the North East side of my town.

I also had this set up all the way from my bridge to that area until one fuckwad moved in.

Now I have two morons who decided to uproot my flowers and paths to put their houses there.


Don’t let that smile on my face fool you. I’m thinking about how brutally I’m going to murder them.



I’m going to burn their houses down while they’re inside. Then, I’m going to use pieces of their bloody carcasses to fertilize my flowers and trees. Then they’ll see. They’ll all see.. (DLC Anyone?)

Who Will You Choose?

Pokemon X and Y starters

With only 5 days left until Pokemon X and Y, I am stoked! Andrew just paid off the preorders today. We haven’t talked about anything else in the last few days. I don’t know about him but I’m most excited for Pokemon-Amie. The new world looks great and I can’t wait to run DIAGONALLY through it. Another big thing is the customization for you character. And last but never least, MEGA EVOLUTIONS!!OMFGASGDHSDh!
What I haven’t given much thought to is my starter. I don’t know who I want. If you weren’t aware, Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie are the new starters. They are a few of the new pokemon to be announced and shown in trailers. Chespin is the new grass type starter. I’ve always been one to stay away from the grass starters. I knew thought they were powerful. Usually, I got for water type starters but only because they are adorable and more powerful (in my mind) than grass. I’ve also chosen fire a few times, but I usually go with water.

Froakie is the new water type and he’s cute and all but I am going to have to talk to Andrew about it. Andrew can recite stats on a lot of Pokemon as if he wrote the damn game. Seriously, I ask a yes or no question and he goes off on a tangent about EVs and IVs and how much damage one move does to one but not another. He knows the whole algorithm. Maybe it’s basic stuff, but it just seems very confusing to me.

And then we have Fennekin, who is a cute little fox-like fire pokemon. I love fire types but Charmander was my favorite fire starter of all time.

I usually base my decision off who is fire/water, first and foremost, then I take into consideration Andrew’s starter, and last but not least, I go by the most adorable one. Seriously, I know that’s not how you’re supposed to play.. But that’s why Pokemon Yellow is still one of my favorites. Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon of all of them. I know how cliche that sounds but he’s the most adorable, I love his personality in the Anime, he’s electric (my favorite type), and I love his power. I didn’t choose him because “he’s the only one I know”. I really do love Pikachu. Yellow is my favorite because Pikachu gets to follow you. However, Platinum comes in a close second because of how beautiful the game UI is. I’m a designer, what do you want from me?

So, Andrew is leaning towards Chespin and while he is adorable, he’s grass. Other than that, they are all viable choices since I don’t prefer any of the final evolutions to the others (Froakie’s second stage does look like a pimp frog).

So, who’s my starter? I’m leaving it up to you guys. I’m adding a poll to the bottom of this post and you guys get to chose who my starter is. :)

Who should be my starter for Pokemon X or Y?

  • Froakie (52%, 15 Votes)
  • Fennekin (17%, 5 Votes)
  • Chespin (31%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 29

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