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This page is under construction. Adding a little bit at a time.

I’m Randi. I am a 22 year old blogger, gamer, and web designer from Pennsylvania. I am currently in school for my bachelor’s in Web Design & Development. I live with my boyfriend and our 6 furbabies.

From very young, I remember playing our NES(s) pretty rarely. We had so many games but only of our three NESs ever worked at a time. Sometimes, it was more work than fun spending all of our time trying to figure out which one worked at that time and which games we wanted to play. I was 7 when we got our Sega Genesis and although it was bought for us, my mom spent more time playing than we did. I loved to play some of the cartoons turned games type games but I didn’t get to play often. A year or so later, we got a PS1, and my mom wasn’t much of a fan to those games but my brother was. He likes sports games and shooters, and I like Crash Bandicoot but that was really it. I never asked for video games because up until this point, I didn’t find many of them fun.

Pokemon hit America when I was 8. I was a huge fan of the show and cards and asked my mom for Pokemon for/and the Gameboy Color for Christmas. I got the Gameboy, but not Pokemon. My brother got Pokemon Yellow and I got Powerpuff Girls. Thankfully, my brother didn’t like fantasy or fiction type games which left me free to play it.

However, Pokemon started to die out in our area just a few months later. I stopped playing and grew up. I threw in my Pokemon cards, for purses and boys, and let Pokemon be forgotten. When I was 16, I met my boyfriend who was, and still is, a kid at heart. Pokemon, Xboxes, and Comic books/Manga were his thing. It made me feel good to know, that I never had to give it up. It wasn’t “cool” for anyone to mention Pokemon and “only boys played video games”. That was my highschool, anyway.

Our love of video games and Pokemon gave us something to bond over. Having never heard of an Xbox before I met him (I knew of Playstations but never heard mention of an Xbox), I ended up getting one shortly after watching him play Halo. From then on, I never stopped. While I have grown to like certain games, Andrew likes to play them ALL. At least once. I stick to my FPS, (some) RPGs, and Simulation games.

Andrew is the true nerd at heart but even when I’m not playing, I enjoy watching him.

Between video games, anime, and sometimes just the joys of watching Power Rangers simply because it reminds me of my days rolling around on the floor trying to help Zordon, I enjoy some of the finer nerd things.

This blog was created essentially for the journey of working my way through Andrew’s enormous game library. However, I’m going to use it for all of my geeky interests outside of blogging or design.

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