Written by Randi on December 27th, 2014 at 10:54 AM

My little brother’s only present (kind of, if you don’t really count the games) was a PS4. He was ecstatic to have it. However, right after installing the updates, PSN went down and has yet to return. This picture was taken as of this morning.

Whether it was just expected Christmas traffic or if “hacker” (DO NOT call it hacking, it’s mere script kiddies) group, Lizard Squad, really was involved, it’s a shame. The kids just wants to play.

One Response to “#PSNisOffline”

  • Sarah says:

    That was so crappy about the PlayStation network going down on Christmas. It was such a low move. I can’t imagine how many kids there were disappointed because they couldn’t play with their Christmas presents. Hope he is enjoying it now :P

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