Steel Series Sims 4 set Review and Giveaway

Written by Randi on October 15th, 2014 at 8:58 PM

Well, the end of September marked the one year blogiversary of 8BitHeart. Yes, it’s already been a year. Looking back, I’ve noticed that I don’t do much blogging. That’s really because I spend more time playing video games than I do writing about them. Just because I’m not daily blogging, doesn’t mean I’m not staying involved with gaming and the community.

I wanted to do something special for 8BitHeart’s birthday because A.) I remembered it before it was too late and B.) because this blog means as much to me as my personal blog. I saw something on /r/thesims that I just knew would be perfect! A redditor posted their Steel Series Sims 4 products that I didn’t even know they had (Sometimes I am late to a few things)! So, I reached out to Steel Series and they were amazing.

Before I get into the review and giveaway, I want to take a moment to commend Steel Series on their AMAZING PR. I spoke to two PR coordinators (Tori and Mallory) and both were quick in their responses and more than happy to help. Mallory was the one who actually sent out the products and from the first email to me having a shipping confirmation was half an hour! Tori made sure that I was taken care of, too, by checking in on the situation via Twitter. Great women and I’m so pleased to be working with Steel Series.

Now, I have a mouse pad from Steel Series that was actually handed down to me from Andrew when he upgraded. That was the extent of my knowledge of Steel Series before a redditor posted their products. My mouse pad, and Andrew’s, are rather big. Much bigger than normal mouse pads. This is great for how much movement is used for gaming. It’s thin, which I love. I don’t think I can go back to a regular mouse pad again. It’s important to have that space once you’ve experienced it. Although, the mousepad matches the headset and mouse, I’m not a fan of the white. Mine is already slightly dirty. D: The Mouse The mouse and headset is really what you want to know about, I know. I LOVE them both. The house is lightweight but then again, my old mouse had adjustable weights that I didn’t even mess with. So, it took me a while to get used to the feel of the Steel Series mouse.

The best part about the mouse and headset is that the plumbob’s change color to match your active Sims’s mood. This is automatic and it happens quickly. I took the following video about 5 times because my sim wanted to fight me on getting back into bed taking much longer than the 14 or so seconds that Instagram allows. This is definitely my favorite feature and the whole reason I wanted these items.

You can customize the mouse buttons and light in the Steel Series Engine 3 for both in game and default. You can change the plumbob to be any steady color or a color shift and it will slowly change colors. Currently, I’m set to a steady green.


Note: I previously stated on Facebook that you could press the plumbob to start the game, however, upon investigation it does not. It must have been some sort of fluke. The plumbob is not reassignable and is set as the ‘N’ key. This is to locate your active Sim in the game. However, I set my Windows shortcut for Sims 4 to be Ctrl – Alt – N or in other words, Ctrl – Alt – Plumbob button. I reached out to steel series on Twitter to clarify if it was mapable and they never got back to me. It appears, from the Steel Series Engine 3 program, that it is the ONLY button that is not remapable.


Like some other Steel Series peripherals, you can set up macros as well. I don’t have much need for those, nor am I experienced in setting those up, but that can be done through the Steel Series Engine 3 program.

The Headset

The headset is very comfortable. The plumbobs on either ear muff also light up like the mouse and can be set and changed in the Steel Series Engine 3 program. I have no tried out the mic in some sort of chat, so I do not know how good that is. There is a button on the left ear muff that mutes/unmutes you. The button, however, shows no indication that it’s muted or unmuted so you’d have to ask the person you are speaking with. Overall, I like the headset but I don’t think I would be trading them in for my Turtlebeaches. They are great for spares and I love to use them when I play the Sims 4.

Surprisingly, these products are affordable. The mousepad is $14.99, the mouse is $29.99 and the headset is $39.99 and you can buy them straight from Steel Series’ Website.

Now, without further ado, what you’ve all been waiting for (even though it’s late to be considered 8BitHeart’s blogiversary giveaway), here is the giveaway for the Steel Series Sims 4 set!


Enter to win the Steel Series Sims 4 set, the mouse pad, the mouse, and the headset.

  • Start date: 10/15/14
  • End date: 10/24/14
  • This giveaway is open to U.S. entries only. Sorry!
  • Winner will be notified via email and has 48 hours to respond.
  • You MUST complete the first entry for your subsequent entries to count.

8BitHeart’s 1st Blogiversary Giveaway

15 Responses to “Steel Series Sims 4 set Review and Giveaway”

  • Ang says:

    It’s awesome to find a company willing to work with you and one that actually responds to your inquiries. The cost of the items are super affordable in comparison to some others I’ve seen around.

  • Akkira Foster says:

    I’ve only ever played Sims Social before, so I guess that’s my favorite.

  • June says:

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! Good luck to the winner! :)

  • Nicole says:

    That’s really cool that they were so open to work with a blogger and made the process go really smoothly, it’s hard to find a company like that so kudos to them.

    I’ve played all the Sims games since the original one came out, but I have to say I prefer The Sims 3 series because the custom content is amazing, so many beautiful things to add to the experience. When I play, 90% of the time I’m creating or decorating houses with custom content and/or creating sims with custom content. It’s addicting :P

  • Veronica says:

    I love Steelseries products, so neat you got to work with them! The original Sims will probably always be my favorite. I have fond memories of hanging out at a friend’s house and just spending HOURS decorating a house. Through the years my love of the game has grown, especially with Sims 4 :D

  • Desiree says:

    My favorite Sims game to date is The Sims 2 for PS2. I liked that it had two player ability and it was the first one I really got into, which sparked my interest of the others.

    “Surprisingly, these products are affordable. The mousepad is $14.99, the mouse is $29.99 and the headset is $39.99″

    I honestly expected these to be like in the $100′s.

  • Syless says:

    Good Luck everyone, this is awesome. I loved the sims. :D

  • Michelle says:

    That’s a toughie. I liked the aspirations and the interaction of the Sims 2, but the Sims 3 was more fluid and its visual aspect and the customization and content were awesome.

  • Shannan says:

    I loved Sims 3 it was so much fun. I have the scary addition too it making my sims ghosts and vampires which is just awesome.

  • Jenn says:

    Yay for an awesome product review, and an awesome giveaway! I really enjoyed Sims 2, and I’d love to win this for my sprogs. :D

  • nyli says:

    Thank you so much for the review and the giveaway

  • The original! My sisters and I used to create these elaborate houses, basically our dream homes. And one sister liked to create avatars that looked like her boyfriends. When she got mad at them in real life, something bad always happened to them in the game!

  • niz says:

    I will always love the customization in Sims 3. Into the Future is probably my fave expansion.

  • Kacie Cruise says:

    These prizes look amazing! And I think Sims 3 is my fav, although I am greatly enjoying The Sims 4. Lately I’ve been tempted to re-install Sims 1 on my gaming computer just for nostalgic purposes XD

  • Allyson G says:

    My favorite in the Sims series so far… hmmm. I think they all had their highs and lows, but I think 3 was my favorite.

    The mouse and headset are such a neat idea. Very cool.

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