Sexism is Still Prevalent in Gaming

Written by Randi on March 16th, 2014 at 1:10 AM

One of the leading companies in entertainment devices and software for gamers, and my personal favorite, alienated a portion of their fanbase today. The person(s) who maintain Razer’s Facebook account, posted a sexist image implying that all gamers are male.

The picture shows what appears to be a shelf in a closet. On one side there are numerous Razer device boxes and on the other, Louis Vutton purses and bags. The caption reads: His and hers :)

Many people are insulted, rightfully so. I think, honestly, the best thing to come out of it, is to see some men stand up for their fellow gamers.

Despite the flood of offended commentors, Razer took at least 8 hours to remove the image from their Facebook timeline. At the time of this post, no apology has been issued on their Facebook, Twitter, or website.

To post this image, only perpetuates the gender roles set by society. This only shows that Razer seeks to impress their male fan base rather than all of their consumers or couldn’t care less about their female fans. Whoever is in charge of the Facebook account, hoped to grab a few chuckles and instead offended much of their audience.

As a big fan of Razer and their products, I’m appalled. Female gamers have enough to deal with from some sexist male gamers in online matches or in person. We are still looked down on by a lot of our peers. Instead of accepting us as we are, we are, somehow, expected to prove ourselves or bow down to the males. This sort of post is certainly  not something I’d expect from a company like Razer. A company that supposedly supports and sponsors females sure has a funny way of showing it.

I had plans to buy a Razer Deathstalker Ultimate for my birthday. Unless Razer does some serious damage control and apologizes for their gross negligence, I will not be purchasing another Razer product. I’m certainly not the only one that feels that way.

What did you think of Razers post? 

EDIT: Razer has issued a statement on the Reddit post.

This is less of an apology and more of an excuse as to why it was posted. Some people are still upset over the issue.

3 Responses to “Sexism is Still Prevalent in Gaming”

  • Neri says:

    I wonder if we’ll start seeing tacky pink Razer stuff as a way to “win” us back? Because, you know, girls only like pink things

    *wanders off grumbling*

  • Suzi says:

    I messaged the razer facebook page about it and was told not to “take things too seriously sometimes :)” by the person who posted the pic (who was also quick to point out that she’s a girl and she didn’t think it was sexist).

    I assumed it was one person doing something silly and not actually representative of razer inc, but given the non-apology on redit and to people via email, and the lack of any acknowledgement on their facebook, I’m less convinced of that. Needless to say, they’ve lost two customers in this household.

  • Ari Carr says:

    God, that is just the worst. I remember some page I liked a while ago posted a picture of video games next to the make-up aisle and was all “herp derp what a great way for men to meet women lololol” so I had to comment saying it was awesome for saving busy girly nerds like me time when shopping, and my comment had the most likes. I hate shitty sexism like this, and the weak excuses people give for it. Not all gamers are dudes!

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